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LED SOL 290 Digital Multi Purpose Soldering Station

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LED SOL 290 Digital

If greater control on the precision and efficiency of your soldering process is your primary objective, the 290 Digital Multi-Purpose Soldering Iron is the perfect solution for you. It helps your technicians keep a check on the temperature at the soldering tip with a higher degree of precision. Since the device uses a digital interface instead of an analogue, it can provide more accurate information to help the technician unravel the insights of working progress. The Digital Multi-Purpose Soldering Solution is a perfect combination of high-tech design that provides functional features like ease of use.

  • Easy to Use Design: The Digital Multi-Purpose Soldering Station has been engineered for ease of use. Its digital interface provides specific information about the tip-temperature in the most accessible manner possible, and allows the technician to make adjustments in the soldering process to get the optimal output. The Digital Multi-Purpose Soldering Station is an ideal fit for the list of requirements generally pertinent with both industrial and small-scale use-cases.
  • Wide Temperature Range: 290 Digital Multi-Purpose Soldering station has a temperature range of close to 400oC, oscillating between 200o C and 599oC in a controlled manner. The 70 W power consumption platform helps it control the wide temperature range and calibrate it in exact accordance with the use-case being targeted.
  • Accurate and Timely Information: The Digital interface gives accurate data on temperature range that acts as a real-time feedback system for the technician to optimize his approach to calibrate the temperature for exact soldering output as planned.
  • 1. The digital interface gives the technician accessible insights on the tip temperature, thereby mitigating the risk of mishandling the soldering iron at high temperatures.
Output Voltage 32VAC
Power Consumption Power Consumption
Temperature Control 200oC - 599oC
Size 150 (W) x 100 (H) x 115 (D)
Weight Weight

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