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LED SOL 350 Desoldering Station

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LED SOL 350 Desoldering

LED SOL 350 Desoldering Solution is one of the more focused ranges of Desoldering rework stations. Desoldering often requires an intricate amount of focus on very specific changes to be worked on the PCB. Hence, accuracy and precision are the priority. That is why LED SOL 350 has been engineered to deliver the exact requirements of desoldering station technicians.

The desoldering station focuses on just the soldering work and is recognized throughout the industry for its high suction force, that expedites the rework process. With a wide range of temperature control points, it lets the technician take the call on the temperature necessary for each soldering rework, as virtually each soldering rework project is unique.

  • Wide Range of Temperature Control Points: The desoldering station provides temperature control points spanning over 400oC. This helps in providing flexibility to the technicians as they switch between more intricate and large soldering rework assignments.>
  • Efficient Design: The desoldering station is designed to provide efficiency and weighs just 2.33 kg. This makes it one of the most efficient desoldering stations, that occupy less space and yet provide the technology necessary the complex desoldering process.
  • High Suction Force: LED SOL 350 provides a suction force of about 700mmHG. Such a high force helps in expediting the entire desoldering process and yields resource savings with every run of rework.
Input Voltage 2AC 220V, 60Hz
Heater Output 24V AC,75W
Power Consumption 160W
Suction Force 700mmHG
Temperature Control Range 100~500oC
Weight 2.3375Kg
Size 108.5 * 132 * 126.5

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