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The Railbox range of enclosures is known globally for its efficient design, easy installation, and high modularity. If you are in the phase of prototyping or want an enclosure that performs highly on the occupied space metrics efficiently, Railbox will fit perfectly into your requirements.

Railbox Series: Efficiency Across All the Features

The Railbox series has been designed to give you an efficient enclosure system that occupies lesser space and still gives you the benefits of a functional enclosure. Railbox works with electronic equipment as a DIN Rail EN 60715 and is good for both civic and industrial usage.

With efficiency as its central tenet, Railbox is able to generate high performance across the spectrum of features. It works with an industry-revered mounting mechanism that works even if you have resource constraints. The modular design lets the Railbox be a part of any prototyping, manufacturing, or installation exercise, where the exact parameters are discovered with iterative optimization. It allows you to have extra PCBs and has a dynamic design system that can be expanded when necessary. Railbox also adds a touch of high-technology aesthetics to your electronics devices, giving them a finished-product look that suits both civic and industrial purposes.

Railbox Range

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Railbox Vertical and Multilevel

Railbox Vertical and Multilevel is a DIN Rail (EN 60715), made of self-extinguishing PPO, comes with modules ranging from 17.5 mm to 45 mm, with high functionality and modularity.
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Railbox Compact Vertical

Made of extinguishing UL94-VO, the series functions as a set of DIN EN 60715 mounting enclosures with modular sizes ranging from 17.5 mm to 45 mm, with high aesthetic value and low mounting costs.
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Railbox Closed

This DIN Rail (EN 60715) is made of self-extinguishing blend PC/ABS UL94-VO that gives it the industrial quality and come with efficient snap-lock mechanism for mounting.
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Railbox: Value Drivers

  • Technological Look: The Railbox enclosures work precisely with all industrial and civic designs, that make the entire product look more high-technological, while still ensuring functional working.
  • Vertical Design for Space Efficiency: Unlike its counterparts, the Railbox series has a unique design that lets you mount PCBs vertically. This saves space and allows you to install more PCBs even if you have space constraints across the design.
  • Wide Range of Sizes: With the availability of a wide range of sizes for all the variants, you can choose Railbox Enclosures as small as 17.55 mm and as big as 45mm. This gives you the control to use the same features of the Railbox series across different electronics applications.
  • Machining Cost Efficiency: The Railbox series has a ‘no screw’ mounting mechanism that saves machining and person-hour resources. You can break open the covering and mount the Railbox with ease.
  • Expandable Size: Railbox Series is compatible to work with expansion spaces that help you in installing more PCBs using the same set of enclosures.
  • Modular Design: This particular set of enclosures works well with adapters which can be used to install smaller PCBs or two separate PCBs, giving you more room for design idiosyncrasies.
  • Great for Prototyping: Given the high modularity, expandability, space efficiency, and easy mounting mechanisms, Railbox is one of the best enclosures suitable for use-cases that require frequent iterations like product development and prototyping.

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