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  • Flexible, easy to use software controlling all aspects of reflow soldering operation.      
  • SMD reflow oven gives an even temperature across the board under total user control throughout the soldering process.

  • The reflow-pilot software allows the user to define and store an unlimited number of temperature and time profiles and to monitor the exact process for each board.

  • Quartz IR lamps in the bottom and top part of the oven allow preheating and a subsequent fast heat-up for optimum control of the soldering cycle.

  • Unlimited user-defined soldering profiles controlling temperature and time settings across 6 zones for optimum soldering quality Profiles set up and stored on PC via easy-to-use reflow-pilot software.

  • Micro-processor control on oven stores up to 5 profiles for convenient standalone Operation.

  • LCD display on machine with 3 buttons to select the profile, start and stop the process, open the drawer etc. Drawer access for easy loading and unloading.

  • A separate temperature sensor can be placed on the PCB to measure and display the temperature actually on the board for optimum control Insulated casing to minimize energy loss and ensure safe operation.

  • Compact footprint Technical Specifications SOLDER TYPES LEADED AND UNLEADED Maximum PCB size 350 x 250 mm Heating method Quartz IR and ducted forced hot-air.

  • Temperature range Up to 288°C Temperature control method +/- 20°C boost function Programming Windows-compatible software PC link USB port

  • Electrical requirements 230V AC – 50Hz Power requirements ca. 3000W Dimensions 520 (d) x 620 (w) x 245 (h) mm Weight 29 kg.