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STD Shape


STD Shape

The STD Shape is one of the simplest and most efficient enclosures in the entire iTouch series. It practically carries all the functionalities of the iShape enclosures and works even if you do not use a panel and instead use the enclosure directly with the equipment display having integrated touch functionalities. Like the iShape, the STD Shape has also been designed to work well on handheld and wall-mounted applications, and provides a similarly sophisticated level of aesthetics.

  • Dynamic Design with a Wider Base of Applications: The STD Shape is one of the few enclosures that carry sophisticated aesthetics and functionalities, and are yet dynamically usable across different use-cases. This particular enclosure performs equally well, irrespective of whether you install it for a handheld application or a wall-mounting application.
  • Easy Tooling: Like the other enclosures in this series, the STD Shape comes with an optimized kit composition that makes it easy to install. In some use cases, you can install the enclosure directly on the electronic device with the touch functionality, without using a panel. In the larger scheme of things, the STD Shape can help you with tremendous machining cost savings.
  • Customization Options Available: The enclosure has been designed and is readily available in the colour white. However, if you seek a custom colour option, you can select it during the ordering process. This helps in ensuring that the enclosure resembles the colours of your brand and has a distinct visual identity in the marketplace.
  • RoHS Compliant
  • REACH Compliant

Material: Self-Extinguishing ABS

Colour: White (Custom colours available upon request)


STD Shape

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