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The Thermo series has been optimally designed and engineered for wall-mounting applications such as home & buildings as well as HVAC. It simplifies the installation process with the available handle and is customizable at low costs to increase marketability of the final product.

Thermo: Customization and Cost-Effectiveness with Global Standards of Quality

The Thermo series of enclosures has been engineered with precision to provide a high quality, planned performance, and aesthetical value addition to wall-mounting applications with a primary focus on Home & Building as well as Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Cooling applications.

The Thermo series is available in distinct sizes and designs, with readily available customization options that help you create visual differentiation. Enclosures in the Thermo series are also available with handles that aid inside-mounting, add to the aesthetics of the final product, and has been manufactured with care to ensure the structural integrity remains intact even post installation.

Thermo Range

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Thermo 80

Optimized for wall-based applications, it is available in two variants – 80 x 80 and 120 x 80. Both the variants are made of self-extinguishing ABS and available in white colour.
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Thermo 120

The enclosure is available with handles, is customizable, allows for quick assembly/disassembly, and works well with the global standard of 55 mm mounting as well as the Italian standards of Type 503 mounting.
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Thermo: Value Drivers

  • Design Optimized for Easy Wall-Mounting: The entire Thermo series is dedicated to wall-mounting application that simplify the installation process.
  • Cost-Effective Customization: The customization allows product-owners to create a distinct visual identity and increase marketability of the product.
  • Handle for Inside-Mounting: Enclosures in the Thermo series are also available with handles that streamline the inside-mounting process. Special care is taken during production to ensure the handle stays undisturbed even after the enclosure has been installed.
  • Wide Range of Sizes and Designs Available: The Thermo variants are available in sizes and dimensions most-preferred by the industry.

Delivering the PCB Power Market Promise

  • Customer Centricity Above Everything Else
  • Customized Solutions of Standardized Quality
  • Result of Consistent Human Capital Investments
  • Manufactured in Industry 4.0 Ready Agile Processes

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